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Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage:

A full body therapy combining Swedish Massage, Lymphatic drainage, pressure points, and Essential Oils. These oils contain natural hormones, vitamins, antibiotics, probiotics, and antioxidants to help balance the circulatory, muscular, digestive and nervous systems, as well as the skin.

*1hr: $100.00
1 ½hr: $140.00

Indian Head Massage:

For wellness of the BODY and HAIR. Originated in India, allow this relaxing yet invigorating therapy to bring you a sense of release and harmony! Through the use of unique body applications targeting the scalp, face, neck and shoulders-- tension released and the scalp restored.

* Beneficial for high stress, insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure, sinus conditions, TMJ, headaches and poor hair/scalp conditions.

*1hr: $100.00

Lymph Drainage Massage:

A gentle flowing massage that stimulates the lymphatic system, to detoxify our bodies and enhance our immune system! Excellent for cellulite, oedema, aging, arthritic pains, constipation, toxicity and skin conditions.

*1 ¼hr: $125.00

Pregnancy Treatments:

All holistic therapies are beneficial during pregnancy. Each therapy is personalized towards the clients' needs, including backache, swelling, varicose veins, nausea, depression, skin conditions, etc... Pregnancy body cushions are used to provide full comfort and safety within each pregnancy therapy.

Pregnancy massage w/ aromatherapy
*1hr: $100.00


Originated by the Chinese in 3000 B.C. This diagnostic and relaxing therapy works by applying pressure to specific parts of the feet that correspond to all parts of the body. Reflexology improves circulation, detoxification, organ and gland function and balances the central nervous system!

* Excellent for high stress individuals.
* Accompanied by an aromatic foot towels and stimulative foot massage.
* 55min: $95.00

Hot Stone Series

Ancient Hot Stone Massage:

Allow hot, oiled basalt stones along with the traditional massage techniques and aromatherapy to collectively melt away your stress and aches and pains. This therapy is a truly grounding experience for the entire body and takes relaxation to a whole new level!

*Excellent for high stress, lymphatic drainage and circulatory issues.

1hr: $110.00

90min: $145.00

Hot Stone Facial:

A holistic facial to cleanse, balance, and relax the skin and well-being. Features all natural Canadian products free of chemicals, fragrance and preservatives. Therapy includes a cleanse, exfoliation, mask, hydration and hot stone massage of the neck/shoulders, hands and feet.

*1hr: $110.00

Bliss Therapy: *4 Therapy Combo

This ultimately blissful therapy combines a Hot Stone Facial, Hot Stone Massage of the arms and legs, Ayurvedic Head Massage and Reflexology. Allow these combined therapies and sensual aromatic oils to completely pamper you.

*1 ½hrs: $150.00

Aroma Spa: *3 Therapy Combo

A Luxurious combination of Hot Stone Back Massage, Hot Stone Facial, and Reflexology. Indulge! Featuring Canadian Organics.

*1 ½hrs: $150.00

Aroma Stone - The Ultimate Relaxation:

This truly decadent treatment includes a full body hot stone massage, full hot stone facial and foot reflexology.

*2hrs: $190.00

Combination Spa Treatments

Chi Therapy: *2 Therapy Combo

This treatment includes the benefits of the Ayurvedic Head Massage using massage and pressure points on the face, scalp, neck and shoulders as-well as the benefits of reflexology.

*1hr: $100.00

Ocean Calm: *2 Therapy Combo

Combines Back Massage with hot stones and Reflexology to cater to two of the most problematic areas! Creates balance throughout the body and soothes aches and pains.

*1hr: $100.00

Ancient Harmony: *3 Therapy Combo

Eastern Wisdom enhances our Western lifestyles and bodies. Includes Hot Stone Back Massage, Indian Head Massage, and Reflexology.

*1 ½hrs: $140.00

Earthly Delights: *2 Therapy Combo

Ground and centre your being with the combination of Full Body Hot Stone Massage and Reflexology.

*1 ½hrs: $140.00

Sacred Journey: *2 Therapy Combo

Journey into your being-- harmonizing and restorative. Combines a Full Body Hot Stone Massage and Indian Head Massage.

*1 ½hrs: $140.00

Head to Toe: *2 Therapy Combo

Balance your tension and stress from your head to your feet with the beautiful combination of Indian Head Massage and Reflexology.

*1 ½hrs: $140.00